By Dr. Lars Bjålie (Technology Advisor), Karine Foss (Technology Consultant) and Stian Mikelsen (Senior Manager) at BearingPoint in Norway

Machine learning models to predict customer behavior and A/B testing of marketing actions have become key capabilities in any modern marketing function. Together, they increase the impact of the marketing spend…

By Marcus Ehrndal (Head of the Data & Analytics) at BearingPoint in Sweden

More and more organizations are beginning to introduce a data driven approach into their ways of working. Despite their best intentions, a significant proportion will ultimately fail. Many are victims of the same pitfalls.

In this post…

By Karan Kathuria (Senior Manager), Johannes Karlsen (Senior Consultant) and Vebjørn Axelsen (Partner) at BearingPoint in Norway

When designing customer journeys to meet diverse customer expectations, what would you rather base your design on: Hypothetical guess-work about the types of customers you have, or actual insight from behavioral data?

There is little new about using personas to tailor marketing efforts and customer experience. However, traditional personas have relied on demographics and other personal descriptive data on customers in terms of “who they…

By Dr. Lars Bjålie (Technology Advisor), Tallak Bergheim (Manager) and Vebjørn Axelsen (Partner) at BearingPoint in Norway

Which product is the most relevant to offer your customer right now?

This is a central and repeating question within sales and marketing. Recommendation engines are often used to find the answer, and…

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